Pain in the heart shows you are transformingPain within enables the caterpillar to start evolvingPain allows a butterfly to beautifully start transformingSo let your heart break open to work out all the painThen joys will start outpouring like silver glittering rain Rita 

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Picture courtesy Som Reddy The Law of Opposites: In 2012, the world was hit with economic meltdown.  Erratic changes occurred in India due to lashing monsoons where  the price of onions went scoring high. Media screamed blue murder at the outrageous prices of vegetables and exorbitant rates in restaurants.  Then the cost of petrol when... Continue Reading →

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July 12 – The Healing Rains of Forgiveness Luke 23:34 “Jesus said, Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” Today’s world struggles with forgiveness.  But forgiveness releases God’s power.  Today, nations hold on to past crimes and are held in chains of bitterness.  This is a short testimony from a lady who... Continue Reading →

From the Heart to the Stars Within the heart creates dreams and destinyWithin the heart creates pathways with melodyFor that within us flows outside us in flowing powerBlazing and glowing it reaches far beyond the stars Rita Farhat Kurian (Copyright) 

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